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Are you planning a visit to Albania but still haven’t decided which place to visit? This article will help you organize your tour in Albania by offering a short guide to the best places to visit in Albania. The country has a lot of breathtaking places where nature has remained untouched, the history has been preserved wonderfully with so many cultural sites that, some, are part of UNESCO as well. You can organize your trip either privately or with the help and assistance of travel agencies in Albania or tour operators.

The diversity in culture and geography makes Albania very unique.  Because it has the mountains in the north perfect for hiking or just some vacation in the middle of the wild nature and its unbelievable panoramic views.  Continuing in the south with the sandy shallow Adriatic sea and the cristal clear rocky Ionian sea famous for the graceful beaches similar to the southern neighbor Greece.


The capital of Albania

Tirana, an urban metropolis, full of contrasts in which can easily be noticed the scars from the past and the present. Above all it is the cross way of different periods of Albanian Modern History.

It is a city when fine delicate art of the beginning of the 20th century is mixed with cold rectangular shapes of the communism period. In addition the modern new buildings are blooming. Furthermore in this food and city tour we will discover some of the most interesting part of the city. Everything combined with a lot of local flavors, interesting stories and friendly locals.


The city of the national hero Scanderbeg

Famous for its unique Medieval History, traditions and religions tolerance, Kruja is for instance one of the cities with the brightest past in Albania. Starting from the XI century it has always been a stronghold in countless wars. In addition this day tour bring the best values of Kruja unique Old Bazaar, famous castle and one of the most holy places in the country, the “Sari Salltik” cave, a center of Suni’s from the 13th centuries.


The city of 1001 windows

With more than 20 centuries of history, Berat is a mosaic city of different cultures and influences. It is a city of multi cultures. Local ancient civilizations of 6th Century BC is fused with Roman culture, medieval period, Eastern Ottoman influence and communist changes. Berat is also characterized by a wealthy traditional culture, heritage and religious harmony. It is a city with a amazing culinary and wine. Well known also for its amazing history during WW2. It was the city where a lot of Jews families were hidden from the Nazis.  None of them was found or persecuted


The stone city

The history of the “Stone City” of Gjirokastra dates since the IVth Century AD . Known as Argyrokastro (Silver Castle) it has been an important economic, politic and cultural city since the early Byzantine Era.  Since 2005 the City is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. In addition, it is known for its high preserved Ottoman Style Buildings and Architecture.

Albanian Riviera

The hidden gem of Europe

Albanian Riviera’s  has hidden treasures that nature has kept secret and far from the people i.

Get to pristine, virgin beaches such as Gjipe Beach, Aquarium Bay and more small bays that do not even appear in the maps.Get inside The Pirates Cave by boat, as the only way to enter, a place that legends say has been used as a secret shelter by the pirates of the Ionian Sea to hide their treasures. An area, where except from its countless natural beauties has plenty of Cultural and Historical Heritage, that you can explore and make it part of your memories.

Valbona & Theth

The picturesque villages in the North

The magnificent mountain scenery will give nature lovers a heart break.  Sailing in a small ferry Lake Koman offers one of of the most panoramic views  in northern Albania .

Pass the night in  traditional, family based guesthouses where you usually get welcomed not as a customer, but rather as a family guest.

Saranda & Ancient city of Butrint

The pearl of the South & A UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE park

Saranda is one of the  most charming coastal city in the South , frist because of the night life with fancy clubs where fameous Albanian artists and International ones preform during the summer season. Also fameous for Ksamil where the beaches are close to Bora Bora or Maldives comparing to the nature beauty.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed the Park of Butrint  as Category II. Also in 1992, the archaeological site joined the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.  

Don't limit yourself , discover more !

These are only some of the best places to visit in Albania , of course there are more magnificent sites that need to be discovered. 

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