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Private transport all around Balkans

The private transport we offer  covers  the area of Balkan . All you have to do is choose your destination , we take care for every other detail .

There are some options on how  to get around Albania or travel through Balkans , they vary and you can choose based on your budget or comfort you want to have. Public transport its a little bit tricky in the Balkans. Its hard to find the time departures and the arrival time isn’t certain .  Also some ways of transport don’t have a location on the internet  so you’ll find it hard to get there . Another trick is that the bus/train stations are located in the subway to avoid the traffic so you’d  surely need to  get a taxi to get to there .

But lets say  you’re really not into public  transport  ? You find it hard to match its time table with your schedule ?  You can either  rent a car and drive  yourself to the destination or you just take our private transport service . A comfortable journey accompanied by an English speaking chauffeur  to everywhere around Balkan .  Lets say you have a list of the places you want to visit around Balkan and neither of other alternatives suits ,  the best solution is us 🙂 …


Please let us know where you would like to travel next and ask for a quote. Best prices for a comfortable private ride to your next destination .

Private Transport

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