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Public Transportation in Kosovo
Pristina Bus Station is the main bus station in Pristina, Kosovo, 2 km south-west of the city, near Bill Clinton Boulevard. Pristina bus station is composed by a bus depot and bus terminals, responsible to provides transport to the rest of Kosovo and continental destinations. Find the detailed time schedule and departure about the Public...
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Bay Of Kotor
Traveling into Montenegro, you will be absolutely amazed by its amazing, picturesque nature and rich history and heritage. The UNESCO SITES in Montenegro are a mix of Historical and Natural Sites. Starting with probably the best city to visit, Kotor, Medieval Stecci and Natural park of Durmitor, where you can find plenty of activities like...
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monastery of gracanica
Kosovo is notorious for its complicated geopolitics, and these religious sites are stark reminders of the region’s challenges. They are obviously significant to Serbia as Serbian Orthodox Christian churches and monasteries. They are, however, in a province that is fighting for total liberation from Serbia, so tension is unavoidable. This collection of sites, as well as...
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Easter in Albania
Almost every country in the globe celebrates a national holiday in commemoration of a significant patriotic event, such as the country’s independence. A national holiday may be commemorated in certain nations to celebrate a day of independence, a revolution, adoption of a new constitution, or religious and ethnic holidays.  Albania has its own bank holidays witch...
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Albanians are very superstitious. They are always looking for opportunities for the fate to bless them or to protect themselves and their families from danger in their daily lives.
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As the Capital of Albania Tirana is an urban metropolis, full of contrasts in which can easily be noticed the scars from the past and the present. Experience it through a walking and Food Tour and discover the hidden gems. If you are even more interested in Albanian Food, a Cooking Class or a Wine Tasting Tour might be the right...
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