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Albanians are very superstitious. They are always looking for opportunities for the fate to bless them or to protect themselves and their families from danger in their daily lives.

Marriages and weddings

  1. You will arrange a marriage between two others if you unintentionally put your garments on inside-out.
  2. If you consume the remains at the bottom of the pot, your wedding day will be rained out.
  3. The bride will not shine that day if anyone from the groom’s family sees her before the wedding ceremony.
  4. On the day of her wedding, a woman should throw an egg behind her as she departs her family’s house to clear any bad energy.
  5. On her wedding day, a bride should have a snake head in her pocket to ward off the evil eye.
  6. The mother-in-law greets a new bride with a pot of honey when she arrives at her husband’s house. To provide sweetness to the house, the Bride cleanses the top of the main door.
  7. If you’re sitting, don’t get up and go to another chair, otherwise you’ll wind up divorced and married to someone else.
  8. You will marry in that area if your shoelaces are undone.
  9. You don’t like your husband if you enjoy salt.

Luck, in general

  1. Hang a talisman (in Albania, this is generally a stuffed toy animal) over the front entrance to capture bad luck before it enters the house to fend off the evil eye.
  2. You must cut off the head of a black chicken if you are involved in a near-accident (and then butcher and eat it, of course).
  3. If you drop and break a glass, it will bring you bad luck, so you must break another to make things right.
  4. Don’t pluck flowers from a church or any other religious property (I’ve heard horror stories about what happened to those who demolished churches during communism)
  5. You will have good luck if you mistakenly put your clothing on backwards.
  6. Do not clip your fingernails at night or on Monday.
  7. Tuesday is a bad luck day, so be cautious.
  8. At night, avoid standing under a fig tree. It casts a dark shadow at that moment, bringing bad luck.
  9. When sugar falls, it brings good fortune.
  10. It’s bad luck to walk on hair that has fallen to the floor after being cut.


  1. Buy something that will last a lifetime when you get your first salary (not something frivolous).
  2. You will lose money if you leave your handbag or wallet on the ground.
  3. You will come into money if you scratch an itch on the palm of your left hand.
  4. You will lose money if you scratch an itch on the palm of your right hand.
  5. You owe money if your clothing catch on a door handle.

The House

  1. If someone is going on a trip, make sure the walkway in front of the house is clean to ensure a safe travel.
  2. You will stutter if you eat with the same spoon you use to cook with.
  3. Eating from a shattered plate is considered unlucky.
  4. Eat everything on your plate or your good fortune will vanish.
  5. Always enter a house on your right foot.
  6. Someone has broken into a house and stolen something if you find a mouse inside.

Fertility and children

  1. A man needs to be the first person to enter a house on the New Year to bring luck and for the family’s first child to be a boy.
  2. A woman will become infertile if she sits on a cold sidewalk.
  3. A woman will become infertile if she wears clothing that exposes her midriff2C.
  4. When you rock a cradle without a baby in it, it brings bad luck.
  5. Never cut a baby’s hair until he or she is at least one year old.
  6. Someone gave them the evil eye when they were unwell. Throw salt in the fireplace to get rid of it.

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